Cadre avec peinture de gondoles
Cadre avec peinture de gondolesCadre avec peinture de gondoles2Cadre avec peinture de gondoles3Cadre avec peinture de gondoles4

Frame with painting of gondola


Lovely frame with rustic chic / shabby chic finish with whitish / gray paint that reveal brass / gold color in the background. Piece of art, painting illustrating a scene where several canoes create trafic on the water surrounding a city that looks like Venice. The mention of Antonio Canaletto is on the front of the frame. Print named "Veduta del Palazzo Ducale di Venezia" in Italian.


length: 26.00 po (66.04 cm)
Width: 1.50 po (3.81 cm)
Height: 22.50 po (57.15 cm)


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