Boîte à bois antique de rangement
Boîte à bois antique de rangementBoîte à bois antique de rangement2Boîte à bois antique de rangement3

Antique wood box for storage


Beautiful antique wooden box for storage of all kinds of objects. Brings out the colors of the objects inserted by its unique look and its simplicity. Transmission rustic chic gray, beige / white, revealing the wood (pine) in sublayers. Perfect also as box toys or stuffed animals for babies / children.

Reproduction only

Similar but not antique boxes can be reproduced as desired (colors, dyeing and wear).


length: 22.00 po (55.88 cm)
Width: 13.00 po (33.02 cm)
Height: 22.00 po (55.88 cm)


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